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Vocal Remover AI Music
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AI Music Splitting Technology


Hey there! Get ready to experience the magic of our Vocal Remover app! With our top-notch AI technology, waving goodbye to unwanted vocals and instruments in any song is a breeze.

Powered by cutting-edge AI, our Vocal Remover tool is like a Swiss Army knife for pulling apart voice, bass, guitar, piano, and drums. Whether you’re a pro musician, a budding producer, or just a karaoke lover, our Vocal Remover has got your back for whipping up instrumentals or acapellas like a boss.

Give our Vocal Remover a whirl and you’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can transform any track into a tailor-made audio adventure. Thanks to our AI music splitting tech, there’s no limit to your creativity. Jump into a whole new world of musical creativity with our Vocal Remover technology!


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Separation quality


Our AI-powered model is like a smart music magician—it carefully pulls out different parts of a song without losing the tune’s original charm.

Thanks to learning from millions of tracks, our smart separation algorithm knows just how to untangle vocals and instruments quickly and with spot-on accuracy.




Love music, karaoke, or mixing tunes? Whether you’re jamming out, spinning decks, dancing, or working in the music biz, our app’s going to make playing with your favorite songs super easy and lightning-fast.

With just a few taps, you can break down your tracks into 2 to 5 separate parts, and focus on each instrument all by itself.

Uploading your tunes is a piece of cake—whether they’re on the cloud, Apple Music, or even just a link away.

Once your songs are split, dive into mixing with our super-friendly interface. When you’re all done, save your masterpiece right to your phone or back to the cloud.


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Input/output Format 

The accepted formats to import your music are : MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV. The export format is MP3.




How to extract stems form a song ?

Thanks to the intuitive user interface it is very easy and fast to extract an instrument or a voice from any song.